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July 13th 2019

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Unleash Your Divine Potential!

Discover Life's Ultimate Purpose.
  • Infinite Health and Longevity.
  • Infinite All Encompassing Love.
  • Infinite Purpose, Divine Connection and Guidance.
  • Infinite Empowerment, Growth, and Ascension.
  • Infinite Abundance and a feeling of Unity and Oneness.

The great Immortal Fully Ascended Masters, and translated ones are serving mankind and helping raise this planet to a higher level of conscious awareness and limitless love.  Join those that have lived these truths.  This is possible for ANYONE that is willing to prove these truths in their own life experience and emulate those beings from all traditions that have lived, demonstrated and mastered complete transformation.

The Possibilities are Infinite!

"All Things are Possible to Those Who Believe" - Jesus


Over 50 years of research and planning. Learn from those who dedicate their lives in service to raising the consciousness of humanity. Some are taught from immortals themselves who are working directly with us now, teaching us about personal ascension, as well as global.

What in the World is the World up to?

 Have you noticed that things are vastly different now than they were just 10 years ago, 5 years ago, last year, last month?

Have you felt like time is speeding up?

Learn how this affects you and what you can do about it.

The world is changing so quickly now in ways that have never before been experienced at such a level.....


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 Awakening to Spiritual Mastery

Terry Livingood’s presentation will be about attaining and experiencing true spiritual mastery.  When this mastery is attained you are no longer subject to the limitations of the laws and nature of the physical realm.  As other masters have exemplified you experience life at a level far greater than most people have perceived as something realistic or accomplishable. As a master you can........


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Odyssey to the Center of the YOUniverse

Join Kathy on an enlightening odyssey to the "Center of the YOUniverse" ...
Discover the mystery of your Sacred Heart, fully embrace your divinity and play in the realm of Love, Light and Life...  
"There is a new way of living and knowing, of creating and participating with Life, with Love, as it expands its awareness through every adventure and experience without the fear and resistance of condemnation, judgment and boundaries."
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When we accept the beloved truth of Living Forever our soul re-calibrates to a higher ascendancy that unfolds to us the "Host of Heaven" to assist us with wisdom, secret encodings of truth come forth and the fellowship of like-minded ones that bring their love and wisdom...


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The Mystical Heart and Body as Messenger of Love.

The number one killer globally in men and women is heart disease. Why is that? How many people do you know who have walls and fortresses built around their hearts as protection from living in fear based consciousness?

 Yet, if we open to Divine Perfection within our hearts for a second, that will be enough for a lifetime, we will never be able to go back. The heart has.....


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Your Conference Host

Julia is passionate about spiritual growth, living life to the fullest and loving every moment. She has brought you her favorite authors who teach how to ascend beyond our preconceived limitations into a limitless life of joy, health, and love and divine connection and direction.

Julia has combined her 20 years as a spiritual mentor, healer and life and relationship coach along with Ascension Secrets of the Masters. She is honored to host and speak at The Infinity Conference.

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Conference Contributor

The Infinity team would like to thank the beautifully multi-talented and divinely guided Shareall Joy of Living to Live. She too, has dedicated her life to this lightwork, teaching about meditation, transformation, ascension and translation. Without her this conference would not have come to fruition. Her wisdom, inspiration, compassion and conviction can move mountains. 



Infinity Mastermind Retreat

Join Ascension mentors Rex Rian and Julia Hartman as they take you on interactive Ascension Activation processes in nature. ONLY 20 SPOTS available - date will be announced soon

Infinity Conference 2020

July 2020 

Join us for next year's conference in Sedona, Arizona!  Hear from ascension masters on the process of ascension and translation.

Quest for Infinity

Learn about our online Mystery School training.

Discover and Experience exactly what the Immortals are teaching.


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"Truly living from a vibration of Christ Consciousness in the energies of Love, Praise and Gratitude will activate this translation process within you." - Julia Hartman


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