Learn The Secrets of Personal  Ascension and Discover Life's Ultimate Purpose!

Earth is ascending to a higher plane of existence, requiring a transcendent level of living from those who desire to take part. 
Join us and be part of this monumental shift!
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Ascension School - Winter Semester


Watch every area of your life dramatically improve.  Experience improved physical health, healing and regeneration, spiritual growth, connection and guidance. Be in the flow of synchronicity, joy and purpose. Dive deep each week into one of 12 powerful classes and meditations for ascension.

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Ascension University - Continuing Education 

This program is an ongoing study with graduates of the Ascension School. They are a united, empowered and enlightened group of graduates who have chosen to literally live the positive impact of the training every moment of their lives. They are willing to take charge of their own life and truly assist in healing the world. 

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Mastermind Retreat

Join the Ascension Mentors with guest Rex Rian as they take you on interactive Ascension Activation processes in nature. ONLY 20 SPOTS available - date will be announced soon

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Genius Program for Kids

An educational program for parents to bring out the genius in their children.  This is an 8-week system that will teach YOU how to teach THEM.  Powerful and life changing.  Coming April of 2020 (early registration available).

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The Angel Alliance

Develop and share your innate healing gifts! Ongoing free support system to bless the lives of those around you. The great purpose of the angels and ascended beings is service to humanity. So we formed The Angel Alliance to work with Ascended Beings ourselves, and dedicate time to the same purpose as theirs.

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Infinity Conference

Good news for everyone who missed the 2019 conference: All sessions of the Infinity Conference are available online. You can listen to all the presentations from the comfort of your home.

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Debbie Hart

Debbie Hart is a certified clinical hypnotherapist, energy healer, intuitive mentor and relationship coach. She has spent the last 20 years of her life helping people of all ages overcome challenges through a holistic approach. She was inspired by a vision to start an Ascended Living School where people can come and be healed body, mind and spirit, and learn the 6 Keys of Life and Ascension. She has helped thousands of people overcome challenges, conquer bad habits, improve relationships, increase their health and vitality, strengthen connection to their Higher Power, and unleashed their Divine Potential.

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Nelson Whiting

Nelson is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, specializing in coaching clients into higher thinking.  Having been into esoteric topics from a young age, eventually receiving a B.A. in Philosophy (and 11 yrs in Real Estate), his goal is to help people connect with their Higher Power, and start to implement higher principles of living.  He has authored or co-authored 3 books that inform and empower individuals in realms of the religious, spiritual, and Real Estate.

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Jerel Clark

Jerel has studied and searched the world over for the last 30 years in search of the ultimate meaning of life and spirituality. He studied and developed personal development training's, along with spiritual development classes and events. He also brings in studies in health and wellness, because whatever affects the body, also affects the mind and the spirit. His passion and enthusiasm for the Mysteries of Godliness, Ascension studies, and physical translation are enlightening and contagious. 

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Learn The Secrets of Personal Ascension and discover Life's Ultimate Purpose!


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