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We are realizing that ‘WHAT’ we are is the focus of our energies. WHAT we are is ATOMS. By focusing on our atomic nature we enter the world of moving atoms. This allows us to not get caught up in the confusions of personality with all its many dramas.

We have come to understand that What we are is Optics encased in Sonics. What this means is we are Light held together in form via Sound. This is why it is so important how we “talk to ourselves, ie to our cells.”

There is a wonderful biblical saying, “Love God with all of your Heart, all of your Mind, all of your Soul, and all of your Strength.” We are God in Man-ifestation so this ‘Love with all of your heart’ is the total feeling of reverence for life. ‘Love with all of your mind’ is that every thought we entertain be for the highest good. ‘Love with all of our soul’ means total love for every cell and fiber of our being, and those of all beings(we are 144 elements, ie living soil = soul). And lastly, ‘Love with all of our strength’ is the total conviction to live this Love forever. This love is the atomic reality of being, which is forever. This love brings the realms of spirit and matter together. Matter is another manifestation of spirit. The gift of this love is life everlasting. For us, the living of this love is an ongoing process of refinement, which we are endeavoring to bring to total conviction.

Shareall Joy has been sharing the good news of cellular transformation since her early teens.  She had many Mentors.  From them she learned the joys of living which included creative art, sculpture, organic gardening, flying, boating, hiking., all as a means to love life.  Her learning also included metaphysics, psychology and psychiatry as an aid in understanding human behavior.  A move from Canada to Arizona led to a divine meeting with Swami Nityananda Saraswati.  She asked him a simple question 'Is there a criteria, a real down to earth understanding of what a true Master' is." His eyes twinkled as he said, "Yes dear sister it is simple, a true Master does not sleep and does not die."  Shareall continued to study Kriya Yoga, Solar Nutrition and Living Meditation.  Her life has been, and is, dedicated to complete transformation in this lifetime.  It is what is called 'Freed while Living.'  It is an actual experience which occurs in the physical body.  It is the unfolding of the true Ascension lifestyle of becoming a Manifest Master.  Her website is .  May all experience the joy, freedom, bliss and love of overcoming the last obstacle called death.  There is only Life, the life more abundant, here now and forever. ShareALL will be sharing some lovely gifts in the Bonus section as well!


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