Kathy Dobson

Odyssey to the Center of the YOUniverse

Join Kathy on an enlightening odyssey to the "Center of the YOUniverse" ...
Discover the mystery of your Sacred Heart, fully embrace your divinity and play in the realm of Love, Light and Life...  
"There is a new way of living and knowing, of creating and participating with Life, with Love, as it expands its awareness through every adventure and experience without the fear and resistance of condemnation, judgment and boundaries."
Do whispers of miracles and magic continually flow forth from your heart but your mind immediately dismisses them as wishful thinking? Does this same gentle voice reveal the Truth of physical immortality and urge you to greater heights in thought but destructive self-sabotaging beliefs and behaviors keep you tethered to mortality and aligned with death? What if you suddenly became aware and convinced "without a doubt" that you are a God? How would that affect your perceptions, shift how you feel and treat yourself and view the world around you? 
Your fears, self-judgments, guilt's and condemnations would immediately give way to love, joy, praise, and gratitude, for who is empowered to condemn or sit in judgment of God? Left with pure awareness and filled with the Light of Love consciousness, the illusion of death would be exposed as the "lie" that it is and mortality would naturally, without effort, give way to the gift of Immortality and Eternal Life.
Self-love is the magic key empowered to spring open the cosmic portal to our highest human potential, Christ Consciousness. It is the Holy Grail and path of Self-Mastery and you are here because you are answering the call of your heart.
These teachings reach far beyond self-improvement, they open the door to self-mastery, bodily translation and human initiation into the Divine. They attract all those who won't settle for anything but the highest service and greatest love. 


Kathy Dobson is a recognized writer, mystic, spiritual intuitive and pioneer of sacred Truth Principles and Universal Laws. She experienced a deeply mystical awakening in 1976, an electrified "flash of light," shifted her consciousness and opened her eyes and ears to the Truth of physical immortality and Eternal Life, setting her firmly and passionately on the path of enlightenment, self-knowledge and human transformation. In 2012, after 40 plus years in divine study and meditation, she was touched by another mystical experience that led to the penning of "Consciously Creating Camelot” - The Body's Journey to Immortality and the Birth of the Divine Human." Prompted and inspired by Master Merlin, these powerful teachings reveal the simple and direct path to the Sacred Heart where Love and Eternity abide and divine alchemy and magic play.

As a humble recipient of these advanced Ascension Laws of Love, Light and Life, it is her mission to fan and spark this sacred Eternal flame and awaken humanity to their highest human potential, that of Christ Consciousness, a self-realized God, empowered to create heaven on earth.

Kathy is the owner of Physically Immortal, an online resource of shared, consciousness expanding material for all who seek to answer the higher calling of their heart, leave the transitory world of the mundane and enter the eternal world of magic and Love.


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"It is time to step forth in our glory, power and position of “conscious thought creators” and be the Master Alchemists – “Knowers of the All-Chemistry of God,” that we were meant to be, precipitating a world of beauty, grace, honor, peace, abundance, joy and love." - Kathy Dobson, Infinity Conference Speaker


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