Terry Livingood

Awakening to Spiritual Mastery

Terry Livingood’s presentation will be about attaining and experiencing true spiritual mastery.  When this mastery is attained you are no longer subject to the limitations of the laws and nature of the physical realm.  As other masters have exemplified you experience life at a level far greater than most people have perceived as something realistic or accomplishable.

As a master you can, at your discretion, live in the so-called invisible, omnipresent spiritual realm and re-materialize as appropriate.  Instantaneous manifestations such as materialization and spiritualization, healing of all kinds, translations and translocations, bi-locations and multi-locations are common among the masters.  There are no limits.  All things are possible as you become Christ-like love and align with the infinite principles of Life.

You are innately composed of everything it takes to consciously experience life at this level . . . and without deterioration or death of your physical body. Your innate omniscience and omnipotence is awakened.  It comes alive.  All you have to do is align with the divine principles of Life and be of the consciousness to experience infinite Life. This is no more far-fetched than what GPS’s, cell phones and many other now common devices were only a few years ago. 

With simplicity, Terry will share information to assist you with being of the love and consciousness to enjoy this infiniteness of ultimate reality we commonly know as God.

Terry Livingood is a spiritual visionary, a pioneer for pioneers.  He has invested over forty years traveling and exploring various aspects of spirituality. From his connections and research he has authored two well-endorsed books: The Bible for Translating from Physical to Spirit, which is a one-of-a-kind experiential bible for masters of the coming age, and Awakening to Self-Mastery, a step-by-step guide for attaining and experiencing true mastery.  As a speaker and workshop facilitator, Terry is now dedicated to sharing the concepts of spiritual mastery and expanding the consciousness of humankind.

For further previewing, check out Terry’s website:   www.spiritualmastery.net

Join Terry at The Infinity Conference

"As you become Christ-like lovelight, your entire being is empowered with wisdom to know certain spiritual things that are beyond the comprehension of human thinking. There are no limits of wonderful things for you to experience and enjoy." - Terry Livingood


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